Characteristics of an excellent business hotel

Today it is very simple to work away from home during a business trip. But it is not always that simple to find the perfect hotel that matches all your preferences. To provide you with some important aspects, we have selected the most important characteristics of an excellent business hotel. In addition to the key characteristics like a convenient location, top-class services, modern facilities, and technology, a good business hotel ensures that their guests can enjoy a stress-free stay while working. 


The location presents a major criterion because it limits travel time, which means more time to work and to be productive. In this case, the business hotel must be situated near to public transport, the city and also to exhibition areas. The opportunity of different restaurants and free time activities in the close neighborhood presents also good qualities of an excellent business hotel. To guarantee a flexible arrival by car, it is also important to offer free parking spaces at the hotel. 

Working space

The best business hotels ensure that their guests enjoy a pleasant stay while working away from home. When we are talking about working, productivity is an important aspect. In this context, an excellent business hotel offers an effective working space. This includes a comfortable, well-lit desk with high-quality office material such as sufficient opportunities to power outlets. The extensive offer of free and fast WiFi is also an absolute must for the perfect working space. The possibility of a business center where a guest can print his documents around the clock presents an additional characteristic.

Accessible conference rooms

Business travel is often associated with customer dialogues, pitching ideas to current customers, and participating in international conferences. For this reason business travelers favor hotels that offer accessible conference rooms and meeting spaces in various sizes. These areas should have technology on the highest standard and fast WiFi to enable a productive working area.    

Fast services

Business travelers are often working on short timeframes, so time management and fast services are also essential criteria of an excellent business hotel. Therefore the individual requirements have to be satisfied as soon as possible. No matter what type of services are desirable, for example, dry-cleaning, shoeshine services, or room services, they have to be done in a short time. The aspect of being flexible presents also a decisive advantage of an excellent business hotel. Flexibility regarding the check-in and check-out is therefore also very important to allow the guests a pleasant stay.    

Healthy dining options

Staying healthy presents a specific challenge while working away from home. Considering that business travelers can have a stressful business routine the offering of balanced food represents an additional characteristic of a good business hotel. Possibilities to have a comprehensive breakfast with a lot of fruits, fresh juices, and a wide selection of products are therefore important. Enjoying fresh coffee and healthy snacks independently from the hotel’s kitchenette with qualitative equipment in the hotel room is a pleasure during the day. Furthermore, the access to a spacious fitness center enables business travelers to do sports in short time windows. 

We are your bed & breakfast & office hotel in Luxembourg

Our Business Hotel N°151 in the south of Luxembourg ensures that our guests can enjoy a stress-free stay while working away from home. Our spacious and high-quality equipped Comfort and Deluxe studios with a comfy bed, a spacious working space, free and fast WiFi, and an own kitchenette guarantee a pleasant working atmosphere for our business guests. The opportunity of our accessible conference room for 18 persons as well as our flexible services allow a pleasant stay during a business trip. To guarantee a very effective working atmosphere, we are also offering three separate offices, where you can work on your personal working space with your table and professional conference tables. Additionally, there is the possibility to enjoy different restaurants, free time activities, and fitness centers in our closest neighborhood. 

We are looking forward to meeting your expectations and ensuring you a unique stay in our hotel. 

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